I sometimes wonder if the bird survived and returned to winter in the Costa Rican canopy.  It was a scarlet tanager. I checked a field guide at the library. I haven’t seen one before or since. You put a broken bird back in a tree the same way you leave an anime character sitting where you found him.  I have started smoking outside, sitting on the low slung fence, passing the time snapping the lighter open and shut and waving my finger through the flame.  I’ve been thinking about buying a gun, nothing fancy, a simple forty-five would do.  I want to shoot words like synergy, transparency, and closure. On good nights I don’t dream.  On other nights I have visions of dead Mexican mothers and angry sea monkeys.  In the meantime I keep Smooth Boy’s Zippo in perfect working order, a good lighter should last a lifetime.

The End


Tom Schwider has a novel length e-book, The Long Cold Summer of Ben Black, available at Amazon. Other than that, he leads a rather tedious existence, staring out his third floor window awaiting the inspiration for his next story.



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