You're Fired

This youngster was caught in the act on East Houston Street. His victim was being checked out at the Bellevue Hospital Emergency Room.  Thankfully it was nothing serious, just a few bumps from being knocked to the sidewalk and kicked by this mutt.

When the arresting officers presented the youth at the desk, I asked him “How old are you?” (To determine his status for questioning as a youthful offender.) His response was “You mean right now?” I said, “Yes, right now, Einstein!’ After a few seconds, his thoughtful retort was: “My name Miflbe Washington,” (then he said, punctuated with a elongated shhhhhhhhhhit) “I ain’t no Einstein, I ain’t even Jewish neither!”

Miflbe Washington was just another product of the New York City Board of Education destined to matriculate at the New York City Department of Correction’s Riker’s Island Detention Center. There he will meet old friends and make new friends as well.

Luckily for Miflbe, I finally determined he was young enough to be questioned and classified as a Youthful Offender.

He’ll be off to Spofford in the Bronx, a detention facility for Youthful Offenders. Miflbe’s probably been there before. Miflbe has not yet experienced the “system” for adults, but I’m sure he will be well prepared and fit right in.

In the not so distant future, when they reach the statutory age and commit an appropriate crime; Miflbe and his friends will probably spend some extended time at an upstate campus of the New York State Department of Corrections.

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