You're Fired

These spaghetti benders were complaining about the two cops who gave the male a summons.  The male was urinating on a sidewalk garden planted by local residents to beautify the neighborhood.

As they finished telling their story, the two cops who issued the summons walked in for their meal period. I asked these bozos from New Jersey: “Is that them?”

The male turned red and stared momentarily at the two cops and screamed, “Fuckin’ YES, that’s them, Fascist pigs.” As this asshole was pointing his finger he reminded me of Emile Zola’s J'accuse!

The intoxicated female shook her head in agreement tightly grasping her boyfriends arm to prevent from falling flat on her face while trying to point as well. She remained speechless. I hoped she wasn’t ready to regurgitate all the alcohol she had consumed.

How gauche.

If these two bozos tried to get away with something like this in a New Jersey State Trooper barracks, Fugitaboutit! The next stop for them: Hackensack Medical Center Emergency Room.

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