You're Fired

I went right into the supervisors rotation. Two days ago I was a cop, now I’m a Desk Officer/Patrol Supervisor. No time to adjust the crossover of responsibility. Last week I was responsible for my partner. This week I’m responsible for fifty cops. Probably as crazy as me in RMPs with guns, arresting people and everything.

Not to mention the administrative responsibility bullshit including, but not limited to the verifying of arrests, vouchering of property (including vast amounts of cash and illegal drugs,) safeguarding illegal firearms, maintaining the safety of prisoners and answering to my Commanding Officer on up to the Chief of Patrol.

Nothing really changes for me. Now, it’s my ass on the line.  But then again, fun is fun.

Just before my first tour, I ran into an old grumpy Ninth Pct. Sergeant I knew, Jimmy McVey. He was going off duty from the 4 x 12  and I was coming in for the midnight. He had about 35 years on the job.

Sgt. McVey took this cop shit very seriously.

“You know, I was a cop for 19 years before I got made sergeant, back in the old days”, Sgt. McVey growled at me. “Look at you, 6 years on the job, and you got made already!” He waved his hand up in the air at me in disgust.

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