You're Fired

Here’s the rub. The NYPD traditionally trains all cops before they promote to the next rank, so they promote as many as they can train at one time. Cops don’t get promoted until completing the training. But I got promoted immediately.

Why? Am I that special? I really don’t think so, and neither does the NYPD.

The Police Academy could not possibly train all 600 newly promoted sergeants at once.    What’s a police department to do?

The NYPD decided to split the 600 newly promoted sergeants into three groups. Two groups got the four week training. One at 8am to 4pm, the second at 4pm to 12am. The third group (that’s me) went directly to new commands, without any training.


My new command was the Ninth Pct. (Alphabet City on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.)

The Ninth Pct. cops were still deservedly living off their notorious 1970s’ history: The Black Liberation Army cop assassinations, confrontations with the Hippies in Tompkins Square Park and The Hells Angels on East Second Street, to name just a few. The cops there were the self proclaimed “Fightin’ Ninth” aka “The Shit House.”

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