You're Fired

Towards the end of 1985, there was a severe shortage of sergeants in the NYPD. That’s because some liberal douche bag judge held up all promotions for over two years. The frequency of lawsuits that held up promotion lists was increasing as was the time for their resolution.

This lawsuit claimed that not enough blacks, hispanics or women passed the test (so what else is new?) Mayor Koch decided to promote those on the list anyway, he found a loophole.

We were “provisional” sergeants. All cops on the promotion list got “made.”

The NYPD was in a bind. The judge says they desperately needed to promote more cops to supervise cops like me. So now they have to promote cops like me to supervise cops like me. The cops the judge wants to promote to supervise cops like me can’t pass the promotion test. So they’re stuck promoting cops like me to supervise the cops they really want to promote to supervise cops like me.

Got that?

Fuck him.

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