You're Fired

Kind of like going on to graduate school.

Next: An angel dusted prisoner earlier arrested in Tompkins Square Park awaiting transport to Central Booking started violently banging his head against the hard 100 year old plaster walls in the cells.

These dusted people feel no pain.

I notified EMS to respond forthwith over the radio. Charlie, (an old Ninth Pct. cop on station house security) and I grabbed an old leftover riot helmet and struggled to put it on Dusty. Another cop came in and we spread eagle cuffed Dusty to the cell bars so he couldn’t use his arms or legs to hurt himself.

EMS showed up and removed him in a body bag (for his protection) to the Bellevue Hospital Psych Ward.

After all the commotion, an innocent rookie cop asked Charlie: “What made Dusty go so crazy?” Charlie, in deep thought for a few seconds, pensively answered: “Maybe he just wanted to steal our helmet.” Charlie then took a sip of his coffee, yawned, and sat down like nothing happened.

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