You're Fired

I remember getting the call at home. The Lieutenant said, in his Irish brogue: “Jesus, Joseph and Mary, What’s this job coming to, Frankie, you got made!” That’s copspeak for promoted. It came over the FINEST teletype at my command. I was instructed to report to One Police Plaza (NYPD HEADQUARTERS), better known by cops as “The Puzzle Palace” at 0800 hours the next day to be sworn in.

Yesterday I couldn’t even spell sergeant....Today I am one!

I was now going to be an NYPD Sergeant.

Thanks, Mayor Koch!

My wife Nancy would always say (we were married for five years when I left my teaching position in academia for the NYPD) “I still can’t believe you’re a cop.” She called my uniform a “police costume.”

“You have too much fun when you go to work!” Nancy always lectured me. “Now you’re in a position of responsibility, let’s see how you like that!” Admonished Mrs. “I Work on Wall Street.”

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