Yellow Beach


George walked down the beach carrying his shoes. He’d considered throwing the fragment of shell casing into the sea, but instead dropped it in a trash can so it could do no more harm. In the pink of the sunset George closed his eyes and remembered that morning on Yellow Beach when he’d had a lot more than one punch in him. He thought about the men who’d died. Then, with the surf washing over his feet, George thought about the day he’d walked along Daytona Beach hand-in-hand with his bride.




Derek K. Willis, who lives in the northeast of England, writes short stories and novellas in a variety of genre, though mainly science fiction. In July 2016 his short story Yellow Beach was published in the inaugural edition of Hemingway Shorts, compiled by the Hemingway Foundation of Chicago, IL. Derek has published two science fiction novellas on Amazon Kindle – Ocean of Storms and The Amish Astronomer - as well as his short story compilation Yellow Beach and Other Short Stories.

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