Will of the People

The media went mad. Arthur watched as discussions about which prison would be targeted started immediately. Television shows discussed the possible government evacuation plans but how could they evacuate every prison in the UK and house all the inmates elsewhere thought Arthur.  He waited, along with the rest of the country he presumed, to see what would happen next.

The day of the detonation came.  TV crews were seemingly at every prison in the country as news channels had a feed from any prison that was mentioned.  Arthur looked on.  He was feeling anxious.  At 1700 one prison in particular, Kentshall Prison in Cumbria, became the focus.  According to the news anchor on the channel Arthur was watching the warden there had been called and asked to evacuate any non-prisoners.  At 1800 it was destroyed, engulfed by huge explosions all captured on camera.

A few hours later the final video was released and Arthur watched intently.

“For the past two months we have started to address the imbalance against the people and for now we are finished but make no mistake we will return if necessary to tip the balance back in to the favour of the good people of this country.  Various agencies of the government will of course already be trying to find us.  This is a pointless undertaking as they already know who we are.  We are the people and we are always watching”.  Arthur turned the television off.  He swung his chair around to look out of his office window.  Before he went back to work he said to himself “We are the people and we are always watching.”  He nodded “I’m glad I put that line in.”




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