Will of the People

We are here to remove that malaise, to combat the mistrust and to remind government and institutions that we are the people and we hold the power. The people are never small and are never insignificant.  Without us there would be no one to govern and no one to manipulate.  We are not merely cash cows for tax or something to be toyed with. Our trust should be earned and respected.  It should never be taken for granted.  To dismiss the people is to make an enemy of the people.  To make an enemy of the people has consequences.

No one is out of our reach for we are the will of the people, we are the conscience and when necessary we are the hammer and the anvil upon which it strikes.”  The video faded to black.

Arthur lent back in his chair.  “That’s strong stuff.”

All day, everyone Arthur spoke to brought up the video.  In general people seemed to think that the MP got what he deserved.  When speaking to one colleague in particular who worked within the world of social media Arthur was told that all the popular services were being lit up with opinions and discussions.  People all over the country seemed to be engaged.  For the rest of the day Arthur kept the television on, something he very rarely did when working, to keep an eye on developments.  Towards the end of the day Arthur went to switch off the TV but stopped as the latest headline appeared.  PROOF RELEASED.

The proof took the form of a presentation of sorts.  It contained videos with subtitled conversations of Mr Westminster speaking to reporters and colleagues, documents signed by the now dead MP which allegedly allowed for building projects in his constituency and bank records showing large deposits.

The next day the news was full of nothing else but Mr Westminster’s activities.  Apparently people had been working through the night to sieve the “proof” and the upshot appeared to be that moat cleaning was only the tip of the ice berg. Reporters had been all over it.  Judging by their reports, articles and blogs they were becoming more and more convinced that the proof was indeed exactly that, evidence of shady dealings leading to the enrichment of Mr Westminster’s bank accounts at the expense of the public coffers.  The police were not commenting.

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