Where There's a Will

“An accident?  Do you mean like those brothers in California who killed their parents then threw themselves on the mercy of the court because they were orphans?”

“Something like that, yes.  But we’d have to make sure it was foolproof and that’s always a gamble.  What good is it to be in the will if the authorities suspect foul play?”

“What do you think he’s worth?”

“Several millions, I suppose.  You can’t support an estate like this on peanuts.  Certainly more than enough for us to continue living in the style to which we’ve become accustomed.”

“There had better be plenty.  I don’t intend to have to go to work for a living.”

“As it is, it’s like living on a seesaw.  Up and down, in and out.  Never knowing when he’s going to change his mind.”

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