Where There's a Will

“Well, that’s what he says.  Not everyone lives to be 80 and even with him confined to bed he had a wonderful time.  After opening his presents, he was eating ice cream when he said, ‘You’re back in my will, boys.’  But did really called his attorney to put us back in?  That’s the question.”

“He must have because he had us taken out when he discovered you were dating that girl from the diner in town.  He said, ‘No grandson of mine is going to court a . . . a . . . waitress.  You’re out of my will, boys!’  Except he meant us both, not just you.”

“That’s because we’re twins.  Honestly, I don’t think he can tell us apart.  He lumps us together, especially when it comes to the will.  But I distinctly remember him putting us back in when I dumped that girl.”

“Yes, and out again when you got smashed and wrecked your car.”

“But back in after the birthday party.  Don’t forget that.”

“One of these days he’s going to die.  Heaven forbid that should happen when we’re not in the will.  I’ve even thought about arranging an ‘accident’ for him.”

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