Where There's a Will

“To hell with patience.  I’m young.  I have needs.  I don’t want to wait for him to croak.”

“Well, at least we’re back in his will—for the moment.”

“Are you sure?  How can you be sure?  He uses that will like a weapon.”

“I know.  But he seems happy with us right now.”

“Yes, but he’s so unpredictable.  You never know when he’s going to get pissed off about something and start waving that finger around.  He’ll shout, ‘You’re out of my will, boys!’ and pick up the phone to call his attorney.  Sometimes I think the lawyer has two copies and switches them back and forth; one with us in, the other with us out.”

“Part of the problem is never knowing what’s going to set him off.  We are definitely back in after throwing him his birthday party, right?”

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