Where The Meat Comes From

The butcher came down the hall wearing his blood soaked apron, reeking of pain and death. He had a rough beard that was hard and jagged against the hand. He had long greasy hair that gave an odd shine off of the dim lights of the hallway (although that may just be because of how dirty the lights were). The hallway was either lit in a dirty piss colored light, or covered in a miasma of darkness.

The only thing pristine there was the butcher’s clever.It was cleaned and polish to a shine, it’s blade carefully manicured so it could easily cut paper in one motion. The butcher gripped it with his strong-callused hand. In the other hand was a bucket filled with blood, swaying as he walked. Little bits fell out and splashed over the previous stains, keeping the coat on the floor fresh.

Eventually the butcher came to a door at the end of the long hallway It was made of an old and rotting wood, and he worried about it falling apart and what would happen if it got out.

He knocked twice to let it know he was coming in, not that it mattered. It always reacted the same way, stupid thing. He twisted the knob and let the door gently swing inward. The room was filled with blackness, and in the middle was a small yellow dot floating at about knee height. It bobbed up and down with a heavy breathing.

“Tom.” The butcher said calmly, waiting for a response but like always there was nothing. He sighed and flipped on the light, bracing himself for the noise.

As soon as the light came on the screaming started. This horrible eardrum-bursting wail erupted from a pale creature rolling around in the middle of the room. Its skin was white, almost translucent, as you could see all of its many veins. It was naked and bald all over. You couldn’t see the face as its long bony fingers with over grown nails covered it. But you could see the scars. All over its torso were these white lines and dark spots from happier times like the spots and odd colorings of a cat.

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