When You're Alone

“Just a moment, sir. I need to talk to my manager.”

“No you don’t!” I yelled as she escaped to the back. “I was here the other day and you took my order! Stupid-”

“Listen, buddy,” A burly man behind me stepped to my side poised to leap on me if necessary. “Maybe you should go somewhere else.” The man was twice my size with facial scars that just begged ‘take the first swing.’ In  spite of my anger, reason prevailed.

Once in the car my disdain for the woman for failing to recall the other day was still palpable, but the anger I had felt dissipated. Though my head was clearer, the hands that gripped the steering wheel throbbed with pain.

“I’m sorry, sir,” the acne encrusted face repeated. “Your prescription is no longer good.”

“Listen,” I moved in closely and pulled out a fifty visible to him and no one else. “I really need those pills.”

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