When Attribution is Not a Challenge

“Let’s see if you do,” he offered. “I’ve been there and done that.”

Johnny, are you serious?”

“Just let me know when you’ve heard enough”  Johnny started………


Satisfaction and responsibility were the subjects of their first serious discussion before they decided to embark on their journey of revenge after Johnny identified and offered his true abilities and talents. If Johnny and Sari did believe in God and wondered if Jesus would forgive them, they no longer cared. They did not care to be forgiven. That was lost when the those third world savages took their loved ones and made their lives empty.

Whatever the universe held for Sari and Johnny after they passed on, attribution is not a challenge. Their inner core embraced what they were determined to do. They’d wear it as a badge of pride and honor for eternity no mater where their earthly actions eventually took them.

Johnny and Sari made plans, to start out small and avenge the animal tortures and killers. He would use his detective skills to find the perpetrators and point blame at the PETA assholes,  or sometimes just make it look like suicide or a street crime. Johnny used his Compassionate Assassination skills to teach Sari how to efficiently and painfully kill them.

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