When Attribution is Not a Challenge

“Same thing, I’d kill them all” She said coldly, “but how can someone do something like that?” She added, “we don’t live in a movie or novel, we live in the real world.”

He avoided her question. “Believe me, I can tell you, the initial pleasure of the kill will be instantaneous, but pleasure will be fleeting and will sooner or later diminish and leave you as empty as you were before the act.” Johnny shot back. “Empty until you die.” Johnny had a long distance stare in his eye.

Before she could respond, as her heart began to sink Johnny added, “But, please believe me, that’s all people like us have left, the fleeting feeling of revenge peppered with a melting sense of gratification.”

“An modicum of satisfaction, no matter what we do to avenge, that will never fill the emptiness?” Sari said.

Johnny mumbled “Yes, that’s it.”

“I’d like to try it for myself, maybe under all this I am a sociopath and would derive sadistic pleasure?” Sari half jokingly perked.

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