When Attribution is Not a Challenge

Sari described how she had thrown herself into the cause for Animal Rights, carefully explaining she was not one of those looney tunes PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) types. She worked at animal shelters, donated money and picked her activism activities carefully. But she did explain that the cruelty humans perpetrate on animals made her sometimes want to cross the line, “To get even, really even.”

She now confronts the abusers in her fantasies of doing to them what they have done to the helpless animal innocents. Sari considers those people terrorists as well. She of course, left out details of revealing her physical revenge fantasies to Johnny.

Johnny was careful to explain what he had been doing. He said that he was working for a Import/Export company as a security consultant and was now retired. That actually was the main cover identity used by Compassionate Assassins. Johnny conveniently left out that he dispatched deserving savages to meet Allah and their 72 virgins.


Johnny and Sari became fast friends. Spending time at the Hyde Park Hotel’s afternoon tea while discussing a variety of interesting topics, but always eventually returning to the one hurt they shared.

Shari again carefully injected the subject of revenge into their conversation. She asked if he believed that revenge makes a person just as bad as the original offender. “If I want to and derive pleasure in, killing someone who kills and tortures dogs, am I as morally destitute as that lowlife who kills the dogs?” she asked Johnny.

Johnny asked her what she felt about the Islamic Terrorists who killed their loved ones. “What about those Savages who sentenced us to await our own deaths as empty shells?” He asked.

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