When Attribution is Not a Challenge

After a short pause of composure:“Johnny…Johnny…yes, the Police Officer, Alice’s friend” She responded.

“What a coincidence, we meet in London over twenty years later!” She said shaking his outstretched hand and gradually returning a big smile.

This mutual spark was somehow beyond their control and ignited. But both unconsciously wanted it to remain and intensify.

The two American Ex-Pats decided to go to the Hyde Park Hotel for Afternoon Tea. Somehow, knowing they each had a mutual burden to share.


Johnny and Shari spent the afternoon recalling mutual humorous characters from their past lives in 1990’s New York City. Each of them really laughing for the first time in years. This did temporarily overcome their usual underlying and oppressive sense of morose.

They finally got down to the real reason for spending their numb existences in London. Both shared how they were scarred by twisted ideological Islamic savages.

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