When Attribution is Not a Challenge

As fate would have it, after numerous successful Compassionate Assassination assignments all over the world, Johnny decided to settle in London. He now goes to Trafalager Square to watch the world go by. He uses his old NYPD street smarts to “profile” individuals, just for fun and to stay sharp. It was a game and after all, he had nothing else to do now that he’s retired. Part of his retirement package is a hefty Swiss bank account.

Johnny chose Trafalager Square because it reminded him of what his Grandpa told him many years ago about Times Square in New York City: “When you’re at the Crossroads of the World soon you will see someone you know.” Trafalager Square, the Crossroads of Europe, Johnny figured……”close enough.” Though he really didn’t want to meet anyone he knew anyway. It was just another mind game to stay sharp. “Who knows, I might be a target for those savages now.” he reasoned. “I got to stay sharp!”

It took only two months of hanging out a few hours a day for his Grandpa’s NYC Urban Legend to work in London. To Johnny’s surprise, he actually did see someone from his past. He didn’t remember her name, her hair was now grey and she didn’t have that smile he remembered. She looked empty or longing for something. Johnny usually recognized that feeling on another person’s face; that same feeling that has haunted him since September 11th 2001. Empathy has its own silent and non verbal communication.

“It can’t be her…Cheryl, Sharron, SARI, that’s it!” He quietly said to himself. Not letting this unique opportunity get away, he went up behind her and said “Shari?”

She immediately stopped and turned. A perplexed look accompanied an inability to speak as she cleared her throat, lifted her head and responded with a simple “Yes?” It appeared she was jolted out of a trance and back to reality.

With an uncontrollable smile he said “It’s Johnny, from New York City, SoHo, Chelsea, don’t you remember me?”

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