When Attribution is Not a Challenge

This career move was undertaken as a reaction to Johnny’s empty feeling that he no longer had a home. Even after his time in Iraq, he felt he couldn’t return to New York City. He’d realized that any happiness in life was definitely over now that Marla was gone. Johnny continually found any attempt at life’s exuberances empty.


Compassionate Assassinations maintained tight control on Operator assignments, type of actions and logistics with regard and selection of their targets. They trained their Operators in the business technique of Management by Exception: The practice of examining operational results, and only bringing issues to the attention of management if results represent substantial differences from the expected outcome of the strictly elucidated predetermined results and their expected collateral effects.

The recruitment and training of Operators was flawless. This is why Shady Tyrone was well compensated for his extraordinary recruitment abilities. It could take Shady up to a year of investigation, grooming and recruitment before offering anyone a shot at being an Operator. Candidates had to be groomed to be a special breed. None of Shady’s candidates were ever rejected.

Though a major factor, assassination was viewed as an incidental in the overall composite of an Operator. Just one part of many that makes up an ideal employee.

Communication between Operators and the organization was minimal and circuitous. It was as if the organization never existed. There is no base of operation, it only existed in deep cyberspace. Operators are given deep and verifiable cover in the physical world. Example: Operators are documented (cyber/paper/physical) as being in Europe when on assignment in South America. Every detail is covered. You were documented to be somewhere else then you lit up your target.

Translation: Operators don’t fuck up and Compassionate Assassinations existence always remains a secret. This organization can never be in the calculus of the blame game. The operator’s personal story will be the bogus reason for assassination action, if, that is, operator is caught. But they never are. Operators have a proprietary personal interest in assassination of Islamic terrorists. That is one of the requirements of recruitment.


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