When Attribution is Not a Challenge

Johnny unjustly felt guilty for Marla’s death. Her transfer to Manhattan’s sixth precinct (using his influence) was initiated by their love for each other. He remembers he was the one that pursued her, wearing down her initial resistance to “not dating another cop.”

Johnny cut off contact with family and friends and retired from the NYPD. He couldn’t stand knowing people looked at him thinking: “It’s not your fault.”

He was later recruited by a contractor for the State Department to work in Iraq teaching the Iraqi National Police American Policing techniques. ”I’m joining the Foreign Legion,” Johnny told himself.


Iraq is where Johnny met the shady Tyrone Temple. Cutting to the chase: Tyrone turned Johnny on to a new, murky, but seemingly moral contingent of hired killers. Tyrone recommended Compassionate Assassinations or as it’s known by its Operators: “Cash for Trash.” Their charter calls for terminating the existence of those who commit, finance and generally support  Islamic terrorism. Johnny was a perfect recruit.

Johnny was flown to London and went through a battery of psychological evaluations conducted by this highly secretive and extremely well funded organization. He was deemed psychologically and physically fit for training and eventually assigned field duty.


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