When Attribution is Not a Challenge

Shari’s life would never be the same. The anti-depressants were of no help. She has withdrawn from her family and friends. She became active in the Animal Rights field because she now hates human beings. Shari has lost any energy to be creative, her career is over. Her love and attention is for helpless animals. Shari moved to London, unable to continue to live in France.


Johnny was born and raised in New York City. After college he became a cop in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village sixth precinct and eventually worked in NYPD’s Brooklyn North eight-three precinct. There he was a sergeant on uniform patrol. Johnny liked coming to working and enjoyed the people he worked with. That’s where he met his future wife Marla. When they knew it was becoming a serious relationship, she transferred to the sixth precinct (Rules and Regulations required the move.)

They eventually were married and settled in an apartment/loft in Chelsea on West 26th Street. He didn’t mind the drive to work in Brooklyn and she just jumped on the Number one train to get to the sixth precinct. They loved living in Manhattan. They managed to be assigned to the same squad in the rotating nine squad chart followed citywide in patrol commands. This meant they had the same rotating days off.

As time passed, Johnny became the Lieutenant Detective Squad Commander of the Brooklyn North Homocide Squad. He played a major role in turning Brooklyn from a borough of drug infested murderous streets into the safe and secure Millennial urban haven it is today.

After 9/11/01, Johnny’s life would also never be the same. Marla was killed during the the World Trade Center Muslim terrorist attack. She was attempting to evacuate her fellow New Yorkers to safety. She was inside when the North Tower collapsed. Her remains were never found.

If Marla had not met and married Johnny and stayed in the eight three precinct, she probably never would have been a first responder to the World Trade Center. The sixth precinct being only minutes away from Ground Zero, she was mobilized to respond immediately while she was on routine patrol that morning.

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