When Attribution is Not a Challenge

Shari met Johnny a long time ago. They knew each other through mutual friends. It was a casual and brief acquaintance, seeing each other at parties and infrequently running into each other on the streets of SoHo and Chelsea in 1990’s New York City. He wasn’t seeing anyone steady and Shari was in a dead end long distance romance with an artist living in London. They never “clicked.”

After a while, Shari and Johnny just moved on with their lives joining other orbits of new friends. The preverbal “two ships passing in the night.”

She never knew too much about him and he never knew anything specific about her. Johnny knew she was an artist. Shari knew he was an New York City police officer. That was the sum and substance of it.


Shari’s father worked at the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois. Her blue collar dad was in charge of the cadaver pool. He was not upset when she opted out of the free tuition for children of NCC employees to become Chiropractors. She instead attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, received her B.F.A. and moved to New York City. Shari worked as a graphic designer and her independent fashion projects had won her some recognition throughout the fashion world.

Shari continued living and working in New York City and expanded her horizons to Paris. She had a bi-continental lifestyle. For Shari, her cross Atlantic airline travel was like taking the twenty third street crosstown bus. She eventually married an American she met in France and they settled in Montrouge, right outside of Paris. Her husband Sean was a moderately successful novelist who worked under a nom de plume. They had a son named Robert.

Unfortunately, Sean and Robert were customers in that infamous Kosher deli in France. They went to purchase New York style lox and bagels as a surprise for Shari. They were held hostage and savagely murdered by the Charlie Hebdo Islamic terrorists in January of 2015.

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