What's that noise?

She realizes she can read the name on the back of the truck.  Harry’s Hauling. There are even pictures of things that Harry hauls, and besides old furniture and broken appliances, one of those things, wouldn’t you know, is a carpet. Harry’s hauls carpets and such!  Which must have been what she saw and makes perfect sense. What a perfectly normal thing she saw, workmen hauling away a carpet, just like their truck says they do. Nothing to do with her, thank you very much. Sonja smiles to herself.

Until one thought spoils it.

Would Harry’s be working on a Sunday?  Those people don’t generally work on Sundays.

Now her mind is busy again. Maybe these men stole Harry’s truck in order to cover up a murder and make it look like they were hauling a carpet. Just because they didn’t kill her here on the spot doesn’t mean they aren’t watching her with a plan to kill her later.

So where can she go? If she goes home, they could break in so easily and that would be the end of her. If she wanders around she is only prolonging the inevitable. Call a friend? But then she would be putting someone else in danger. She feels like a trapped animal now, nowhere to run.  She feels like walking down into the river below, let it swallow her up. But no, this is all still speculation from her over-active imagination.

Giving up, Sonja decides to walk home and take her chances.  Home still feels like the safest place to be. She bravely turns in that direction and begins the trip back.

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