What's that noise?

Breathing a little calmer now, she concentrates on simply walking. Just walk, turn off the brain and get out of here.  Maybe change up her route for her next walk, leave this road alone for awhile.  This line of thinking puts her in a better frame of mind and she almost starts to enjoy herself again.  Until she hears the roar of a truck behind her.

A truck. The truck. The one carrying the loud, burly men, and more specifically the man who saw her and knows that she knows.  Here it comes behind her and she cannot outrun it.  A few seconds and it will be beside her and then she will have no way of escape.  She waits for the cliché: her life passing before her eyes- but only sees the road and the shoulder at her feet.

Louder now, the truck is nearly upon her. She resists the urge to turn her head to look. She continues to walk, her steps not as firm but at least she is moving.  The truck sounds so close, right behind her, just a foot or two. Her heart is beating wildly, she wants to scream. She screams inside instead.

Then, it is next to her.  The noise is deafening, the rattling and clanging of metal and who-knows-what else. Sonja cringes inside, waits for a shot, but all she sees are pebbles spitting out from the road, hurled out by the tires as the truck speeds by.

What? Speeds by?  She realizes the truck is passing her. Passing her! Not stopping to shoot her or grab her, just continuing on down the road! No one is looking out at her or even caring that she is on the road at all.  It is simply heading forward, away from her.

For a minute she stops walking. Stops and breathes, happy to be alive and apparently staying that way for the time being. Happy to see the back end of the truck as it goes away from her.

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