What's that noise?

Her head is spinning and she realizes she is walking faster and faster.  The man’s face keeps appearing in her head. He saw her. He knows she knows. Knows what?  She just wants to get home and lock the door behind her.

Okay, think this through.  The men could be doing some harmless thing, no big deal, she just keeps walking home and all is well.   Or, they are trying to clean up from a crime, they saw her and she is in BIG trouble.  She thinks about the man with the headphones she saw walking by earlier. What if he is with them? Maybe he is there to see if there are any witnesses sticking their nose into their dirty business and his job is to “take care of them.”  He could be hiding somewhere even now.

The sound of her sneakers hitting the pavement is all she hears. She wants to go even faster, but she is careful to keep a steady pace, so as not to attract attention. If the lookout guy is hovering around out of sight she doesn’t want him to know of her fear.  Anyway, that’s how they do it in the movies.

Nothing to do now but walk and think, and keep her senses tuned into her surroundings.  She hasn’t seen many cars pass by, and the houses have taken on a desolate look.  Where could she go if she needed help? Run up and ring a doorbell and hope someone is home before they have a chance to grab her?  Her mind is running freely, every bad situation playing out.   Crazy thoughts all jammed together mixed with panic. She can almost see the body in the tarp, bloody and beaten. Then the hands of the murderers around her own neck…

Whoa! She has to stop this horrible thinking. Retrace what she really did see.  Some men trying to move a bulky thing under a tarp and put it into a truck. She hears a car coming behind her and she panics all over again.  There are very few cars on this road and she realizes she hasn’t seen one all morning.  Who is this, then, barreling along?  She can hear them going way too fast for this country road. She braces herself. What if they are driving by to shoot her? No one would see. She could be dead on the road for hours before anyone came by, or worse, lie dying in pain until someone finds her. She envisions a gruesome picture of herself writhing in agony, alone in the dirt, as she tries to stay conscious to cry for help….

Then the car passes and she hears no shots, feels no pain. The car is just a car. She can feel her nerves tingling, the stress inside twisting her up so she can barely see straight. She just needs to get some distance between her and this road and she’ll be okay. She forces herself to calm down, think straight and put things in perspective.

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