What's that noise?

“Move!” She silently shouts to herself.

As if they had heard her, they step aside for a moment. Then she can see part of something big and long being rolled up.

She backs away. What on earth has she just seen?  What are they trying to get rid of, way down by the river?  She wants to get a better look, but fear has her wavering. Should she walk away or stay and look closer? Her sensible side says to get out of there now!  But curiosity is a strong force. She gets even closer to the edge, holding on to a branch so she can get a better look.

Just past where the men are gathered she sees the back end of a small truck, parked along a dirt road that leads down toward the river bank. She had no idea the road even existed.

One of the men glances up her way.  Fear seizes her. She jumps back and starts walking away, inwardly cursing herself for being so stupid. Now what? They saw her. She tries to regain her calm by breathing slowly, in and out. Walk, breath, calm down. But they saw her! Or at least one man saw her.  She is now a witness to whatever they were doing. Oh she is so stupid! This was supposed to be a nice morning walk and now look at what she’s done.

Well, what had she done?  Maybe nothing. But why are they down by the river rolling up whatever it was they were rolling? She tries to think of what could be in that tarp, besides the dead body she imagines.  Maybe they are landscapers and they cut down a tree. But you don’t roll a tree into anything. So then what else?

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