What's that noise?

“Hey, put it down here and cover it up. Make sure it’s covered good.  No, not there, over this way.”

There is no response from whoever he is speaking to.  Sonja hears a clang, like metal striking something, and then some curses from a different voice.

“It’s too heavy to push over there.  Let’s just cover it here and leave it.” This one has a husky, cigarette-smoking voice.

“Nah, can’t do that. Gotta get it out of here.  It’s gotta go with the rest, into the truck. Come on, don’t be a slug, help me out here.” She hears grunts and groans and lots of rustling. Curious, she creeps closer to the edge through a small space between some trees, where she can just catch a glimpse.

What she sees causes her to freeze.

Three big and burly men, pushing at a mound of something, she can’t see what.  The men are too close together for her to see through them.

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