What's that noise?

Bright sunlight dancing off the water, chattering birds and golden warm air make the walk this morning near perfect.  Sonja has taken the long route; a lazy day stretches before her and there is no need to rush.  This is her absolute favorite place for a Sunday walk.  Summer homes along the river bank give it a cozy feel; abundant flowers, fancy bird feeders, cheerful garden knickknacks and the charm of the small houses keep her happily occupied as she walks the mile or two that connects this hidden back road to the main highway.

A walker approaches in the distance, and Sonja feels a twinge of annoyance. It’s not her road, but still.  As he gets closer she sees he has headphones on, allowing a quick nod to be sufficient, and the road is hers again.

The river brings peace and calm to her soul, a respite from the daily grind.  She lets her mind wander as she walks,  one thought leading to the next going nowhere in particular. The soft clump of her sneakers on the pavement provides familiar comfort.

If only she could make this last all week.

Then—a loud snap of a branch to her right startles her.  Looking over, she expects to see a squirrel or a bird. No movement, and she continues on.

Another crackling of branches, the crunching of leaves and a rustling noise come from the right.  Sonja begins to walk faster, imagining an animal, or maybe even someone hidden in the bushes.  The rustling stops.  Now she hears voices, and they are coming from down toward the river. She stops walking and listens. The first voice is rough and deep, with a hint of an accent.

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