Went Missing

Slowly turning his head, Sam peered up through a fissure of wood and spied the creature. He spied it as it stood there in the sand; a one-thousand pound hairy monstrosity looming over that pile of timber. And Sam Nolan spied that thing as it stared down directly at him, with its own eyes, which were fierce and wild, desperate and "thinking."

Then suddenly, as an average man would have laid there on the ground, frozen with terror upon site of that creature standing before him, Sam Nolan grabbed his rifle, stood up from his hide with an explosion of wood and sand, and gave a great roar that no living person could ever claim they've heard.

And where an average man might hesitate with shock upon witnessing the legendary Bigfoot tear off toward a thicket of trees, Sam Nolan took aim with his rifle and sent three heavy slugs into that beast.

But it kept on running.

It had a stride which was impossible to match, so Sam fell back and followed it slowly, taking note of all that blood on the ground, and on the leaves. He watched as the creature crashed through those woods in a howling fit, bounding up and over a small ridge, and ultimately down and into that hidden cave where Dr. Carver had once watched it go.

Sam had shot all sorts of creatures many different times, so when he approached the dark entrance of that cave, he knew best to wait outside for the hour that he did. But when that time passed, and he was sure that those wounds finished their work on that Bigfoot, Sam pulled out a flashlight and strode right into that hole as if he had been there a thousand times before.

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