Wedding Photograph

“No!” Finger-waggling, not amused. ”A real smile!”

Joe grinned and with a tiny movement he turned his head towards her so that she could see his gold tooth. Laughing and holding his jacket sleeve she pulled him near to her. Reaching up she tapped the tooth with her stubby forefinger.

Milly’s welcoming ritual still surprised him.

Three pals blown to bits and he’d only lost a tooth. The gold in his mouth had always been an intruder, the enemy. It was a reminder of that terrible joy in the seconds after the explosion. Just the act of flicking his tongue across the tooth had been enough to bring on a wave of guilt. All those wives and mothers back home waiting for news. For five full years after he came back he’d avoided chewing on that side.

But this girl, his darling Milly. The tooth made her laugh.

Joe ’s wife laughed. “Daft as brushes….both of you!”

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