Wear IT

When she was finished, she pulled out her cellular phone and took two pictures. Then she walked back to the office, feeling both pleased and guilty over her initiation into the world of tagging.

Later that afternoon, during a conference call with the home office, she flipped through the two photos and smiled. The argument had truly begun. HE DOESNT LOVE YOU. SAYS WHO?

There was little chance that the initial tagger would see her words, she knew. It simply felt good to know she’d riposted. When she thought about it a little harder, she couldn’t figure out why it felt good, but that didn’t matter.


That night Robert was in a better mood. Not great, no, he was never in a great mood anymore, but tolerable. They ordered out for Chinese and watched a movie on the DVD player. He even made love to her before they slept, although the nights where he did so considerately or passionately had long since departed their marriage.

As he snored in the dark, Shelley’s last thoughts of the day were SAYS WHO? And she drifted off with a thin smile on her lips.


She threw on her sweatshorts and t-shirt quickly the next day and was already out of the building by three minutes after twelve. Summer sun beat down on her like a hammer, but she still had to resist the urge to jog to the underpass half a mile away.

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