Volatile Chemicals

Primo and I sat facing Mario and Dante in Mario’s office. Between us lay a table with a shoebox on it.

“Dante’s got another job for you two,” Mario said. “You work so well together, beauty and the beast.”

Dante said, “We leased a retail storefront in a strip mall to a large Filipino family with gang connections. The men are unpredictable and dangerous. The women run a nail salon in front with a massage parlor behind. There’s a third room in back. I got a tip they’re running drugs out of it. Bad news if it’s true. If the LAPD or Feds bust them, they’ll prosecute me for leasing to drug distributors.”

“What do you want us to do?” Primo said.

“Get inside and check it out, early morning, when no one’s there.” He tossed Primo a set of keys.

“Will these work?” Primo said.

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