Valentine Inc

Susie Adams was a short girl with a fair bit more than she’d like around the middle, although at age fourteen she still lived in hope that her growth spurt was coming on any day now. She also had a particularly nasty case of asthma that caused her to miss school days and left her with too much time on her hands.

It took her six months to hack into Valentine Inc., the world’s premier dating site. As Valentine Inc. had gradually taken over as almost the only means of dating, many people had tried to game the system, but Susie had two advantages over the multitude: a brilliant brain that spent too much time cooped up, and a father who worked for the company and kept his password taped underneath his desk.

Susie planned to set herself up as the perfect match for Dylan Colin: school quarterback, honors student, and dark-eyed Latino senior. It was true that Dylan had brushed aside her clumsy attempts at flirtation and the last time he and his friends had passed her in the hallway they’d all started spontaneously laughing, but Susie remained convinced that he was the smartest boy in the school and she was the smartest girl and they were made for each other.

Susie’s plan screeched to a halt when she was unable to crack the security for underage profiles. Loath to just leave, she flicked through the profiles of unmatched adults in her city, mischief in mind.

She found two college students, both passionate baseball fans, science-fiction readers, and majoring in chemistry. Susie activated a match between them.

Her next couple was a man who looked sort of like Han Solo in the original trilogy but a decade younger, and a woman who looked sort of like Princess Leia but a decade older. Susie felt confident it was true love.

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