Unlucky Superman

His friends gathered around him and a boy named Josh – McCormack remembered – warned them not to touch Billy, to go get help, but they didn't listen

McCormack watched them pull the bike away, watched the spreading of blood, then the squirting, watched Billy twitch, and gasp, and very suddenly lose conciousness. He had cut his ear and lost some teeth, but he had landed so hard he slit his scrotum, and sliced and forced his entire left testicle into the pole housing.

When they moved the bike, they'd separated the testicle from his body.

It was very quiet in that compound then.

Nobody knew what to do, so they all climbed on their bikes, rode home, and left him there, some thinking he'd be fine. Josh was the one who called the ambulance and went back to wait with his friend's body. Billy died that day.

“ Hey! Hey, Mack! “ a voice called. “ You good to go, or what? “

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