Twinkle Twinkle


Mr. Johnson was on his way out of his study when he heard his wife scream. He stepped back to his study table and reached underneath it for the gun he usually kept there. With it in his hand he stepped out of his study. He saw the creature as it stood next to his wife’s dead body. He raised the gun and fired at it. The bullet passed through the creature and hit the living room wall. The creature turned towards him; a scarred face and bruised limbs masked by the shadows that wrapped it in.

Mr. Johnson heard Rita’s voice. He heard her cry as she did on the night of her death.

“You left me to die,” Rita cried. “Daddy, you left me to die.”

He lowered his gun, crying as he saw Rita walk towards him. He fell on his knees apologizing.

It began to rain outside, as the creature walked to Mr. Johnson. It got to him and tore his head off his shoulders with one quick swipe. Blood splattered on the walls as his body fell headless to the floor. His head rolled down the hallway, before stopping by the stairs.

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