Twinkle Twinkle

“Evelyn, could you please check the food on the fire,” she called.

The shadow moved through the boundary wall, to the walls of the house. From there, it stared at Mrs. Johnson through the living room window.

There was something similar about the movie she was watching. The house looked the same with the one she was in. She watched on, looking closely as the camera panned to show someone peeping into the house in the movie. Mrs. Johnson turned towards the living room window in time to see a shadow move across it. She stood to her feet. The movie was beginning to seem real and it scared her. She had to turn it off before things got weird.

Walking towards the television, a disfigured face suddenly appeared on the screen with a devilish smile. She stepped back, gasping. Two hands came out of the screen to the side of the television, holding it as the creature dragged itself out. Mrs. Johnson shrieked in terror as the lights went off. She began walking backwards to the door.

Lightning struck, lighting the living room, followed by the rumble of thunder. The creature was no more. Mrs. Johnson looked around her in fear. She was just being paranoid, she tried to convince herself. It was just the movie.

Lightening struck again as she turned to face the door. Before her stood the creature she had seen crawl out of the television. She screamed in terror but her scream did not last long. She fell down to the floor, a body of charred flesh.

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