Twinkle Twinkle

The night lay silent on June Carter Street as the shadow moved through the woods. The wind blew gently, bending the flowers in Mrs. Johnson’s garden. Theirs was the last house on the street. The house had been uninhabited for years before the Johnsons bought it. Mr. Johnson had been quite happy buying the house at a cheap price; he had given the realtor a generous tip.

The shadow moved towards the house, called by the movie Mrs. Johnson watched in the living room. Outside the house, the street lay quiet. The neighbor’s dog cowered in fear. The animal could sense the dark presence settle around them.

It was happening again. It was happening because nobody warned them. The neighbors had watched the Johnsons move into the house but nobody warned them about the events that usually took place in it.

The shadow moved through the woods and stopped by the trunk of the tree next to the house. From there, it watched the house in silence. The street light cast its beam around the street but its light went nowhere near the woods.

The wind began to blow slightly harder as the shadow began to move with it. A mist moving under the cover of the dark; the street lights went off as it drew near the house.

In the living room, Mrs. Johnson watched the movie she had seen in the basement. She had found it while cleaning the basement the day after they moved in. She turned towards the stairs.

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