Tiffany Blue

I drew a bead on the figure and fired. However, I couldn’t rightly hear the blast over the pounding of the drum.

Now, I am a good shot. I hit what I am aiming at. Yet, the figure just kept crawling up the shaft. It moved as if un-phased. I chambered another round and fired again.

Yet still the figure crawled, ever upwards. Its move was slow, but deliberate. It progressed on four legs with ease, more like dog than a man. It looked more like a dog than man too. I could see it clearer as it came into the light of the lantern. It had black mangy hair covering its body.  I had mistaken it for Indian locks.

The echo of the drum beat was rattling my head, causing my brain to get a bit fuzzy. I backed away from the shaft.

The thing emerged. On two legs, it stood the height of a man with the face of a dog or perhaps a wolf. Its jaw parted exposing more than a dozen pearly white teeth. The eyes were blue, Tiffany Blue, and gave a menacing look. I knew my time had come.



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