Throw Him Away and Get a New One

“It’s no trouble at all.” Hilary smiled sweetly at Tony and then scowled at Angus. “You could at least get dressed before coming down. Whatever must our guest think?”

Perplexed and wounded, Angus sloped back upstairs. When he got to the landing, he heard Jessica say, “Mummy says you were in the army, Uncle Tony. Did you kill anyone?”

Angus showered, shaved and cleaned his teeth. He entered the bedroom to find Hilary in front of the full length mirror touching up her make-up. She was stripped down to the waist with her best top on the chair next to her.

Folding her arms over her breasts, she turned her back on Angus. “Do you mind? I’d quite like some privacy.”

After hastily dressing, Angus took refuge in his study where he leafed through sales reports without reading them. He knew manners dictated he should be entertaining his guest but Hilary had made it clear she’d rather he kept out of the way - perhaps for fear he’d embarrass her.

Finally it was time to drop the kids off at school and head into work. But when he came downstairs, Hilary was already ushering Andrew and Jessica out the front door. Tony stood by the hatstand jangling his car keys.

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