Throw Him Away and Get a New One

“Right,” said Mrs Gladstone with a note of hurt in her voice. “I’ll leave you to it then.”

As Angus had suspected, the four suitcases contained his clothes and toiletries. Nothing else. Everything that had once been his and Hilary’s was now Hilary’s alone.

He took out some clean clothes and his electric shaver. However bad things got, he was determined not to let standards slip and end up like Felix Bunbury. In fact, he was going to let Bunbury stand as a warning to him.

“I can fight this,” he said aloud. “They are not going to beat me!”


And now here he was in the crummiest hotel in town. No job, no money, no prospects. Nobody on his side. Feeling like a shell of a man. Pouring his heart out to a stranger.

“I sold the contents of my suitcases and then the suitcases,” he said. “I kept my electric razor until I had nothing else to sell. All I got for it was enough to buy me a scotch egg and a bottle of drain cleaner.

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