Throw Him Away and Get a New One

“Silly person,” said the second. “Silly, silly person.”


Angus walked to work. Along the way, he thought about his children and wondered how they were coping with the sudden upheaval in their lives. He hoped they were missing him as much as he missed them. Perhaps they’d be the ones to bring Hilary to her senses. Make her realise that children need a real father, not someone who’s just walked in off the street.

Not Tony. Whoever he was.

Arriving half an hour late, Angus said good morning to Mrs Gladstone and went straight to his office where four suitcases stood in a row. Mrs Gladstone hurried in after him.

“They were delivered this morning,” she said. “There’s no indication who they’re from or what’s in them.”

“It’s all right, Mrs Gladstone. I know what this is about. Will you see I’m not disturbed for the next half hour?”

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