Throw Him Away and Get a New One

Angus spent the night in a YMCA where he was shown to a room with four rudimentary beds. Because the hostel wasn’t busy, he had the room to himself but was warned he might have to share if there were last minute bookings.

As he lay on his bed drinking cheap cider, he thought what a great idea it would be to kill Tony. Not only would it rid him of a great vexation, it would deter Hilary from hitting him with court orders. He’d show her he wasn’t a man to be trifled with.

Yes, he thought. I’ll fight for what’s mine and bad luck on Tony if he gets in my way.

Who was Tony anyway? This mediocrity who had pushed him out of his own nest? Had Hilary been having an affair with him?

No, he told himself. I would have noticed.

But was she having an affair with him now? He pictured Hilary and Tony together, in Angus’s bed in Angus’s home with Angus’s children asleep in adjacent rooms. And then he pictured Tony with a bullet in his head and Angus standing over him, smoking gun in hand.

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