Throw Him Away and Get a New One

The other man dropped an envelope in Angus’s lap. “You are to stay at least one mile from your house, your wife and children at all times. And you are not to contact any of them except through your wife’s solicitor. Any breach of this order could lead to your imprisonment. Good day to you.”

The men trooped out, leaving Angus moving his lips like a goldfish as he struggled to articulate his dismay.

Mrs Gladstone hurried into the room. “I’m sorry, Mr Highsmith. They just barged in.”

“Not your fault,” said Angus distantly. With trembling hands he opened the envelope and took out three sheets of paper, each looking more official than the last. “Would you happen to know if Charles Warren is in?”

“The company lawyer? I saw him not ten minutes ago.”

“Could you arrange an appointment for me, please, Mrs Gladstone? Tell him it’s urgent.”

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