Three For One

"I want them gone. That's the only way you'll get her back."

Sierra zipped across Marshall Avenue Bridge towards the St. Paul. Snow whipped through the city, gripping it in an icy embrace. Sierra weaved through traffic like a Formula One racer desperately racing towards the finish line.

The voice on the phone; that calm, low baritone voice, haunted her memories. "Your daughter's brave. The gun hardly frightened her at all. Even when stuck under her chin. A brave soul you raised. She's safe...but only for now." Only for now, that last line repeating itself like a chant. Sierra fought hard against the visions that engulfed her, a horrific film reel that wouldn't stop. Her grip on the wheel threatened to rip it from its stem; her frozen breath like a great fist in her chest.

"Jessica..." Sierra wailed at the empty air around her. "Goddamnit. I didn't want this, not this."

The Beretta 9mm laid on the passenger seat, the loaded weapon resting like a coiled snake. Eleven years, eleven years away from the pull of the object of black steel and metal. Even in her panic she felt it calling for her now. Sierra crossed the bridge and drove deep into downtown St. Paul. She looked at the clock on the dashboard: nine-twenty. Everything needed to be finished by ten.

"It was easy finding you," the middleman had said earlier. "We have contacts everywhere; police, city hall, registries. Names change, but photos never do. You got careless, arrogant in your hiding. We found you. You left us. Now you must pay your debt to the Syndicate. Either their blood or your daughter's."

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