They Turn Shit Into Gold

The two ambitious and young entertainment entrepreneurs had been working together for the past three years.

They seemed to be an unlikely duo: Mousy and Tommy.

Michael Mousy Mandlelap graduated from Queens College in 1973. He left for California with his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications Arts and Sciences. His partner Tommy Grant aka Tommy Afta Dark received the exact credential. He decided to stay in New York to pursue his dreams.

Tommy was a thin, tall, and very confident individual. His clothing was modish and stylish. Tommy’s gift: Even though he was always looking to get over, he never projected that impression.

Mousy looked every bit of Queens College Jewish as one could be. One word described him: Schlep. He appeared to lack confidence, but that was a dangerous misinterpretation. One might describe him as a Woody Allen look-alike. He wore black glasses, button down shirts and corduroy pants. But he did share one thing in common with his partner:  Mousy was always looking to get over. But Mousy never projected that impression as well.

When Tommy and Mousy first met, it was chemistry: all taking place in Professor Cleary’s Freshman English Composition class. Within minutes the duo realized they both were meant to be in the same business.

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