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“The Blob” was a 1958 Science Fiction movie: The film stars the then unknown but soon to be iconic actor, . The plot depicts a geometrically expanding red type alien who crashes to earth from in a and begins to engulf and digest humans. The creature’s vulnerability to coldness is discovered and it is finally shrunken and contained. It is then transported the to the , where it is parachuted to a perpetual frozen and arrested existence. Conventional wisdom says while the “Blob” alien is not dead, it “has appeared to have been stopped.” To this, Steve McQueen replies with the now prophetic last line in the film, "Yeah, stopped as long as the Arctic stays cold.”


Cleon Neon has now devoted his life to becoming a full time Social Justice and Environmental Warrior. The twenty something snowflake millennial was formerly known as Ronnie Stebbani. He took the name Cleon Neon and dyed his hair green during his freshmen year at college. That’s when his professors started to smothered him with vile, guilt ridden left wing anti American propaganda. They also enlightened him to his shameful white privileged existence.

After his first semester visit back home to Indiana the locals also renamed him: “The Asshole formerly known as Ronnie Stebbani.” By the way his hometown is the unofficial Midwest HQ of the KKK. They all believe he now brings shame to their town. His parents tacitly support his direction in life.

Thank goodness the university provides him with a safe space and crayons along with the coloring book“America So Racist” by the former 1960’s Black Panther and now Professor, Myron X. All this, at a four year cost of close to $120,000.00 tuition (covered by his late grandparents) to discover the roots of his caucasian guilt. In addition, the faculty tutors him on his inbred and irreversible “micro-aggressions” and how to accept his eternal existence as a white devil.

Truth be told, Cleon is a border line semi-functional idiot, receiving passing grades for his politicalized regurgitation of Racially Diverse Truths spewing from the university   Awareness Incubators. This description of the faculty mission is Politically Correct.

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