The Wendigo

‘Outside, we see it walk in front of the fire. Don’t know what it is, one of ‘em says it looks like an Ape. Suddenly, something goes through the window. We shoot at it, but ain’t the thing. Its my Landlord’s dog. Just the body, though. Not his head or legs.’

‘We start pushing things in front of doors and windows, when we hear something round the back. I remember one of his friends sayin’ that the doors were open. We hear wood just get ripped apart.’

‘It banged around some more, but then it got quiet. Not silent, like it was before. We could hear it move around some, and the guys were talking, making sure the muskets were ready. Someone hands me a one. No sooner did I cock the hammer back did we hear something shatter upstairs. Then we heard it screech again except now it was louder, and it didn’t echo and fade out. Because it was inside.’

‘We all rushed to the one door leading to the kitchen and push salting meats and drying apple pieces on the ropes and they all fall on us and we got to it just as that thing did. It opened the door just a bit and four or five men just slammed into it. It got its hand through. Someone with a rifle took care of that. Put the barrel right up to its wrist and pulled the trigger. Cut its hand off, clean.’

‘That only pissed it off, though. It started pushing on that door, clawing. We were on one side, pushing as best we could, and it was on the other, doing the same. That wood just wasn’t going to hold, so someone tells us to keep our heads down. Suddenly the top half of the door is just gone, my ears are ringing, and there are splinters everywhere. Two or three of them just unloaded on the top of that door.’

‘I don’t really know where it went after that. The Sûreté got there. I was still glued to that door, what was left of it. The sun was up before they got me off it. They put me in with the Nuns for a while. A lot of people talked to me, but I didn’t talk back, not for a long, long time.’

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